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Amid Covid-19 and food insecurity, a sustainable poultry project in Haiti is a bright light
June 25, 2020

As an organization, we have seen this first hand on the ground in Haiti. There are many reasons that have contributed to this situation, and unfortunately, they are too numerous and complex to thoroughly examine in a blog entry. To name just a few: cheap foreign food aid and imports, smallholder producers’ inability to compete with these cheaper imported food products, lack of access to resources and capital, and a lack of basic infrastructure for the transport, processing and storage of food products.

In 2015, ISCA-AIDC together with Chalice Canada assisted the community of Terrier Rouge, located in the North East of Haiti, with the development of a poultry project. The result has been that of a sustainable community poultry venture that continues to produce local and high quality eggs. Recently, Wilfred who manages the poultry laying operation, sent a picture of the eggs produced. He also commented that the business is thriving, particularly as COVID-19 has shut the border to the Dominican Republic and eggs are no longer imported. It is evident that he is very proud of this accomplishment and it is encouraging that during these times of food insecurity the community has access to this nutritious and healthy food.

ISCA-AIDC is proud of the success of the community and its part in this project. It is one of only a very few successful community poultry projects in Haiti. A big thank you to Wilfred for the update from Haiti!

If you work with an organization in Haiti, and would like to hear more about this exciting project, please contact us.

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