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BRIDGE: A Course in Electoral Processes

  BRIDGE Canada 2013 was a big success!

ISCA and CANADEM would like to thank participants and facilitators who made BRIDGE Canada 2013 a huge success! If you are interested a future BRIDGE training session, please register on this website. Do not make any payments and you will be contacted once future training details are available. For more information about BRIDGE Canada 2013 including course curriculum, see below.

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What is BRIDGE?

BRIDGE (Building Resources in Democracy, Governance and Elections) is the industry-leading professional development program on election processes and administration. It represents a unique initiative to consolidate approaches used to build capacity around the world in a curriculum that covers the entire spectrum of election processes. Rather than relying heavily on traditional lecturing, BRIDGE is activity-based and draws on participant experiences in diverse operational environments to address practical issues and challenges. For more BRIDGE information, visit

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Online Registration

To register your interest in attending future BRIDGE training in Canada, please complete the online registration form. You will be contacted once future training dates have been confirmed.

Please do not make any payments!

Any questions concerning future BRIDGE training, please contact: