Donate to ISCA-AIDC Today

You can create a lasting change.

Make an impact for smallholder farmers by helping to rebuild and strengthen agricultural systems. You can create lasting change for a farming family today when you donate to ISCA.

How Your Donation Helps

Support animal health clinics by providing funding for vaccines, vitamins, dewormers, etc.
Create training materials for community animal health days.
Support animal health teams in Haiti.
Support local assessments to help ISCA best respond to community needs.
Contribute to livestock production projects (i.e. purchasing livestock and feed for farmers, and tools and materials to build shelters/enclosures).
Help farmers identify new market opportunities for their agricultural products.

ISCA-AIDC supports farmers through much-needed sustainable agriculture and animal health initiatives.

  • Educational workshops in animal health and production
  • Animal health clinics
  • Community assessments
  • Livestock production projects (i.e. chicken coops)
  • Market implementation studies

There are many ways you can contribute to our efforts! You can participate in a fundraising event, volunteer with us at home or in one of our overseas projects, or you can support us through a donation.

For questions on how you can best support our work in Haiti and elsewhere, contact Lloyd Dalziel at:


Business Partnership


Want to stand out and show your customers you are making a difference?

When you partner with ISCA-AIDC, you help vulnerable farmers receive the support they need, while also:

1. Reaching your target audience

2. Building your brand

3. Building your customer base

To discuss a partnership with ISCA-AIDC that helps farming families while meeting your corporate social responsibility goals, contact Lloyd Dalziel at:

Donation Policy

We at ISCA-AIDC understand and respect donors’ need for assurance that the money raised by charity organizations is used in the way that most benefits the people of communities in need and as such ISCA-AIDC is committed to transparency in all our financial matters.

ISCA-AIDC receives support from various areas: individual donations, government development programs, non-government funding agencies and client self-funded activities.

Individual donations: Unless explicitly stated otherwise by donor, all individual donations are earmarked and used for support in the communities in which ISCA-AIDC is active. Our goal is to have at least 95% of monies received through individual donations spent on project implementation and development in the countries we are working in.

Government program funding: These funding expenditures are determined by government department policy and are audited by the department providing the financial resources.

Non-government funding agencies: These funding expenditures are determined by the funding agency’s policy and are audited by the agency providing the financial resources.

Client funded projects: Expenditures will include delivering specific client services and project implementation.

ISCA-AIDC finances and third party oversight: As an incorporated registered not-for-profit organization under the PEI Corporations Act, ISCA-AIDC’s finances are audited annually.

Please contact us if you have any questions about donating.