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ISCA Mission Trip to Haiti 2022!
April 9, 2021

ISCA is excited to announce plans are now underway for an animal health mission trip to Haiti in May of 2022! ISCA will be collaborating with the Haitian American Friendship Foundation (HAFF), to deliver much-needed animal health care clinics.

This is not ISCA’s first visit to HAFF, in fact, this will be our fourth time visiting HAFF and working with farmers in this region of Haiti. We are also excited to meet and visit with vet agents that have worked alongside us in the past. Animal health clinics deliver much needed attention to the family’s livestock. These animals play such an important role in the lives of Haitian smallholder farmers – not only do they provide much needed nutrition but also income that helps pay for the family’s health care needs or school fees for children. We have witnessed first hand just what impact a healthy chicken, goat, or cow can do for a family! Our clinics make for busy days, seeing upwards to 500 animals.

Have you ever considered visited Haiti? Are you a veterinarian, vet student or technician, or a livestock farmer, with a passion for helping people and animals? If you are interested or would like more details, email While participants will work hard, we do our best to introduce you to the country, Haitians, food and culture.

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