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ISCA-AIDC works together with local and international partners, such as educational institutions, governments and non-government organizations. Collaborative work ideas are always welcome! If you believe that ISCA-AIDC can assist with your project development or implementation, please contact us. We would like to hear from you!
Please have a look where and how ISCA-AIDC is involved:

ISCA-AIDC in Haiti

Partnership with FIDA/pcH

ISCA-AIDC is proud to work in Haiti with the Foundation for International Development Assistance – Productive Cooperatives Haiti (FIDA-pcH). FIDA is a fully registered Canadian charitable organization, operating since 1984, which carries out its activities in Haiti through productive cooperatives Haiti (pcH).

A staff of 30 Haitian agronomists, technicians and educators provide resources to rural communities who are motivated to advance themselves economically by forming a productive agricultural co-operative.

FIDA/pcH currently partners with 22 co-operatives, representing over 6,000 members throughout Haiti. With our Haiti partners, ISCA-AIDC provides training to cooperative members on livestock production and management, including disease prevention, improving nutrition, marketing, and small business management. ISCA-AIDC is also providing training to pcH staff in these areas. Based on where expertise is needed, ISCA-AIDC brings together Canadian and international specialists. Please have a look at our 'past projects' for more details on our collaboration with FIDA/pcH.

Partnership with HAFF

The Haitian American Friendship Foundation (HAFF) was established in the early 1980s. Its campus, a secondary school, serves the Bohoc community of the Central Plateau within a radius of 12 miles.

Members of ISCA-AIDC have been visiting HAFF and surrounding communities since 2005, building capacity amongst the local veterinary agents and providing practical and class-room sessions for farmers and students of the Bohoc Training Institute.

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ISCA-AIDC in South Sudan

ISCA-AIDC is pleased to partner with the Sudan Peace and Educational Development Program (SPEDP), a NGO in South Sudan. Established in 2007, SPEDP mission is to "empower youths, women, elders and general communities in situation of poverty, hunger, illiteracy, diseases and social injustice with the aim to achieve large scale positive change through economic and social programs that allow men and women to realize their potential." SPEDP is currently implementing different projects in the counties of Central Equatorial State in the areas of Agriculture and Livelihood, HIV/AIDS, and Economic Empowerment of Women through Microfinance.

ISCA-AIDC is building capacity within SPEDP by supporting them in project proposal writing and website development support (SPEDP website development in progress). The ultimate goal of the partnership is to address agricultural development issues in South Sudan.

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