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Update – ISCA Sends Observation Mission to Scotland Referendum
July 10, 2014

When ISCA-AIDC learned of the upcoming referendum in Scotland, the organization`s first thought was if there would be international observers present for this historic vote. So in May this small non-profit organization based in Prince Edward Island, Canada, announced it would be sending a team to participate as international observers for the vote on September 18th. Chairperson and key organizer for the observation mission, Lloyd Dalziel, says that his organization has been overwhelmed with the response from individuals, not only from Canada but from around the world. While the mission itself follows the same principles as any international election observation mission, the key difference is that the costs of the mission are covered by the participants themselves. This is very different from other large observation missions, which tend to be funded by governments or multi-lateral organizations. Dalziel says “I think this speaks to the strength of this particular mission, in that it demonstrates the commitment the participants have to supporting the democratic process. “

Each participant will receive in-country training prior to the vote on topics ranging from international norms for election observation to best practices in election monitoring. On Election Day, the mission observers will travel throughout Scotland to visit polling stations and observe the count in the centralized counting centres. In addition, ISCA-AIDC is also collecting information in the pre-election period. “I am surprised just how many people in Scotland have heard that our organization is sending a team of international observers“ says Dalziel. “ We are already receiving emails from citizens and civil society organizations, who want to share information regarding the referendum.  People of Scotland are very proud of how the campaign has been conducted to date and want to see a free and fair referendum where every Scot has their say. As an accredited observer organization, we are also proud to play a part in this important vote“

All information collected from the pre and post-election period as well as observations during the vote and counting will be summarized in an end of mission report which will be made available through the organizations website.

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